Sunday, October 18, 2009


I've sat for 3 papers of Advanced Subsidiary level (AS level) and now preparing for another 3 papers which are on the 4th and 11th of november, a week after this. So, here's my un-exam-worrying weekend, despite of having to sit for the General Subjects' papers, Malaysian Studies and Islamic Studies on this coming Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively. We (together with my chaletmates, uya and ili) really spent lots of time together yesterday and surely had great fun! Especially when it comes to the 'playing water' part. J

But, there's something going on deep inside my heart. I just couldn't figure it out, or might not wanna figure it out, I must say. The more I tried to forget it, the more it annoys. But, what is it???

Heart broken? No, can't be..every one is being extremely nice here.

Failure? Erm..can't think of one, right now.

Bored? Don't think so.

Hurm..what about......

Love? Haha..nope..never fell for one..

So, what is it??? Come on...

Jeng2..does this explains??

Yup!! This is it..! it's a long weekend, and Udin's is back at home, and I'm still stuck here. Why I didn't I go back home?? Busy..yeah right. Always that 4 letter word barring me from going back.

This weekend, is the only weekend that I could do my catch-ups on the A2 syllabus, and revision for the General Studies (just for the sake of exam). Talking about revising on my GS subjects, I really have to admit that MS is just too boring to study. Why?? Because it's all about "jemaah menteri", "persidangan Majlis Raja2", "parti tu, parti ni" and so mind just couldn't accept politics and stuff like this. but, the thing is..I at least have to pass the test so that I get some free blocks for the next sem J.

So, here's the plan for October and November weekends.

17-18: Long weekend, but; preparation for presentation, GS, A2 subjects.

24-25: short weekend; not worth of going back

31-1: Long weekend, but; last preparation for the AS papers.

7-8: again, short weekend; not worth of going back.

14-15: long weekend, but; got Bank Negara scholars' programme in KL.

21: and this is when the SEMESTER BREAK starts....

And in this case, it means that I'll just have to wait for the 21st of November to come..... huh...what a long way to go... I really miss my home..and what makes it even more bitter is that everyone's (not including Along) at home enjoying their holidays....except me....... L

Just gotta wait ~


Syukri Sapuan said...

alahai, sedihnya homesick.

aq pun dh lama gle x balik johor.


~HuSnA ZuBiR~ said...

syukri sapuan~

agak rr..ko johor, asal xbalik..dekat je kot..rugi..huhu

salimah -sally- said...

alala husna..cian..huhu..
saba2 dugaan...

~HuSnA ZuBiR~ said...


huhu...emm...ko xpela..bla2 leyh balik.. :(
xpe..sabar2..skejap je kan.. :P huhu

Akmal Hayat said...

aku kalo homesick..balik jaa..tak kira b'baloi ka x..haha..

nek flight lak tuh..

tapi satu laa..homesick ni actually bley ggu focus..nak buat ap suma jd x smngt..yg pntg pergantungan dgn si Dia masih ada..tu je yg menguatkn kembali..


Anonymous said...

husna dearie..! arinie ayah ko dtg sgt....
huhu..aku lak rse cdey 2nite..

ermmm..ttbe lak jdk hmesick nie weiii..
adoiii..sbb aku tau ayah ko dtg kot..:((

hua2...seems like aku laa yg kne tnggu 21st tue..sob3...

mAd~TAU^^ said...


ank da masuk organization apa??

bagitau ckit apa yg ank masuk kat sana??

~HuSnA ZuBiR~ said...

akmal hayat~
agak rr..nk bc pn, jdi mls smcm..tpi xpe, alhmdlh ayah aku da kja kt kl, dpt r dy dtg cini..walaupn st, at least dpt mknn mak aku msk+tgok muka ayah..huh..trubat jugk..btw, susah kot klu nk smpy kl sentral..len r kmb, sng ja..van antaq..(jeles)huhu~

~HuSnA ZuBiR~ said...

huhu..xsgka post ni ley kasi ko cdey gk..hehe..xbniat seh..em..xpe2..kjap je..kan2..huhu..em..suh la kak ko dtg..dy kat kl je kan.. :)

~HuSnA ZuBiR~ said...

mad tau~
rleks rr..ttba ja cm nk mrh kat aku lak...huh -_-"
aku xdak r msuk orgnsation pa pun..juz dat, wekend tuh sllu da progrm, klu long mna smpt blek..tu ja..busy, xde r sgt..cuma nk kna agih masa..kls smpai ptg..bukan cm ang..ang duk uni..len rr..hapa..

Akmal Hayat said...

ye rr..ak elaun lg skit dr ko..sbb tuh rr byk yg kolej tlg support..huhu

~HuSnA ZuBiR~ said...

akmal hayat~
ala lebih rm20 je pun.. :(
teksi ke tg malim pun dah rm25..(still bersyukur)
scholar lain lg byk......

albanaT said...

salam adik husna come...

haha...husna pun homesick..

2 laa..kat mna2 pun mesti ingt mak ayah..

tp ingt..


ya...kuat kn semangat!!

kami pun rindu gak nak peluk mak

apakn daya`
teruskan berjuang!!!...

selagi hidup...ilmu mesti dicari...

GOOD LUCK wahai economist!!!..

nnti ble sponser skit duit kat student mesir bnyk kt sini xmampu..^_^

~HuSnA ZuBiR~ said...

tq k.yana..! k.yana duk mesir kn? p la jln2 kt jordn..huhu...erm, by the time husna keje dgn bank ngara (insya Allah), k.yana msti dh abis bljr..xsmpt punye nk sponsor k.yana..huuhu..