Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Message..

Pass on 'The Message..'

Coz we are Ummatan Wasoto (the middle ummah)

Islam wouldn't have reached us, if it wasn't because of, Prophet Muhammad's and his companions hardworks on the teachings and spreading of Islam.
How have I spent my life?
For I will be questioned one day..
Have I been thinking about them or more on myself?
How did I acknowledge, if those who knew didn't let me know?
Will the world would ever be better, if we let it settle themselves?

Yes.... I call it as the TRUE Call of Duty..
Version: Modern Warfare
And it's not the like game


Knowledge gives you an output..


p/s: Those who don't know, or wants to know on ISLAM...PLEASE ask. For I'll be willing to tell, and pleased to do so..cause you'll make things easier..


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