Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The not-so me

When working station is not a place for you to mingle around bcause of u being a minority..
When home is not a place for you to share happiness or sadness because of u being unattached..
When friends are only to say hi and bye, and speak when needed or for advice only..

You'll feel that there's no one for you out there to care on your life, to share on your laughters and theirs, to have two way conversation and bonding..

Except for your family and some who are far away and some who used to be with

And that makes me miss them very much..and struggle being strong by days


That's how I feel.

I may not show signs of sadness, but be mindful..everyone has emotions :'(

Whoelse is closest to you, if it's not the ppl living under ur roof?


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timon said...

naaa, kite kan adeee