Friday, November 14, 2014

the first post after since i got married

Alhamdulillah, All Praises to Allah for everything and every people He has brought to my life.

after approximately 3months and 14 days we've got married, we agreed that there are still more to learn.

the first that i really am struggling for right now, is time.

though he is far away in Penang, my family is with me. We live under one roof.

My job itself, takes up MOST of the time i have. approximately 10-11hours of my daylight. and the left 12 hours is left for the family.

But, it's 12 hours of night. and what would you expect?

6 hours of sleeping. 1-2 hours of eating and self 'settlement'

and left with 4 hours for family. what about dakwah and tarbiyah? 2-3hours of usrah. so left with one hour.


I really want to have equal and stable time for both my family and dnt. i really2 do. but, sometimes i just pity my brothers, thinking what if they are my children? :'(

insyaAllah, i'll try to cope myself slowly and progressingly. but not forgetting the family needs and attention.

Maybe i just have to do something about my worklife. Maybe?

At least i have to stand for another 9 years more before shifting to something else.

But i guess i need to start exploring. Like, now...

I pray that me, my husband, my family and our friends would still have patience and struggle together to tsabat and istiqamah. We may not see products now. We may whine now. We may struggle now. But do also figure and think about it now. For the betterment of later. And so that the trap is not always a trap for your whole life.

Dakwah is wide. See the opportunity. Explore the niche area. May Allah ease and keep us in the right path.

Ustaziatul alam. That's our vision. Smile :")

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