Sunday, October 04, 2009

No idea...

Hi everyone!! I'm back blogging..dunno why, but lately, I haven't got the mood to post anything..but due to the demand from some of my blog readers, I cracked open my brain to think of something to post..but still quite blur...huh..

Maybe the no-idea-mood is due to the delaying of previous ideas..especially when I were at my 'kampung', in Terengganu, since there was no internet connection there..and when I'm back in the college, there was some kind of 'ky kiasu' environment which I had to obey..(but, did I??)

So, I end up with an idea of uploading several pictures which could give a better and more precise storyline on my diary of life, recently.

This is one of the preparation on day before raya..
Pak Andak(my uncle) was our ketupat master..

kids were having fun with bunga api..
but the adults got the 'advanced' ones..huhu raya photos..there r too many of them!!dunno which to choose..
on dat day, too many photos were taken, until i had to say...
(maybe i'm too photogenic...that's why they love doing so..LOL..hehe)

back in ky..
blood donation was the first event..not all donated theirs..
but, i blood type is AB..special, right??hehe..
I just couldn't forget Mochi, Syuk, Amir, Dai and Opie reactions on that day..
looks brave, but not..
brave enough, but being rejected...haha

and the latest is Cultural Perfomance...
congratz to batch was a great's the .5's first and last CP ever..
btw, Nan and Gita..u ladies look great in Kebaya! =)
(just that, Gita, u have to 'mend' your hair a bit..Huhu..chill2)

And, that is it....Thanks for being my readers..till then..SALAM..


Nan said...

THANKS DEAR!!! first time in tt...

Nan said...

oh ya.. u look really preety 2.. i love tt ur skin colour la..

Akmal Hayat said...

photogenic laa sgt~

~HuSnA ZuBiR~ said...


wow..first experience??good la..try bju melayu pulak..huhu..
btw, was ili's bju.. :P

~HuSnA ZuBiR~ said...

akmal hayat~

uih..xpress ko mengomen...
ko silap susun pktaan..ak tau ko nk kata.."sgt photogenic la.."haha..tq3

Syukri Sapuan said...

weh, aq gagah berani kot masa derma darah tu..

x takut pun

ni kuarkan statement yg salah ni..


~HuSnA ZuBiR~ said...

syukri sapuan~, ye ja...rugi aku xbwk cermin...tunjuk kt ko, muka pucat tuh..haha