Monday, November 14, 2011

~..Cakap serupa bikin..~

Let us not be like this..

Simple analogy that shows the world order now..
from managers to leaders to analysts to programmer to business men to documentations to market advertisers  etc.
If  every one were to manipulate the information they have, in favour of their interest..
Then, we all would suffer.
Less of transactions takes place,
and a country may end up in a lower development process.

So, let's have faith and fulfill the trust and responsibilities each of us hold.
For we are not born as liars nor false promisers,
but as wise people with wisdom and faith.
but, it's okay if you're not..because I am..


p.s: post ini sangat, amat, random sekali...(tatabahasa salah) sekadar update, sbb gmbr ini cm simple yet sgt meaningful. huhu~


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