Tuesday, March 01, 2011


They have the most influence on us..
They are the first person to love us..
They are always there for us..
They see us grow since we wer babies..
They cared for us, and bare with the 'ten-trumphs' (not sure of the spelling)
Without them, we wont be in this world...

So, no matter, how your parents are,
No matter how good you become, when you're an adult
No matter what wrong teachings your parents gave..
They are still your parents....

And you'll never find a replacement for that..
So, love your parents to the fullest,
Do good to them,
Talk with polite words,
And tell them u love them,
Before it's too late......

I love my parents,
And no one could ever love me, more than they did..

Alhamdulillah..thank you Allah..
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Anonymous said...


you are wiser as you grow older-alhamdullilah

Mat Like said...


~HuSnA ZuBiR~ said...

anony a.k.a umi~
alhmdlh, berkat doa umiayah :)

mat like~
tekan jek, butang like tuh..heee~