Friday, December 30, 2011

It's a process..

"It's a process" 
"It's a process.."
Phrase y selalu didengari..
*kan liyana kan? :D*

everything is a process. everything in our life.
let it be manufacturing process, chemical reaction, biological, and many more.
why is it a process?
because it involves changes..
a process changes something into another thing,
and therefore to change things is a process.

what differs the process?
-initial product
-end product
*huhu..ilmu aku ni takat chemistry spm je nih*

and above all of these is the time duration. 

and this goes the same to the mankind.
never expect the same to all people.
just because they know the word tarbiyah
it is harmful to urge one to open up the wings, when he or she is actually striving to learn the reality of the flying.
it is hurtful to make one show the best of his or her X side, while he or she may be polishing up the small x which we could hardly see..

academic years isnt a good time indicator..
tarbiyyah is a life time process and not just the three to four years things..
for example..
1st year..sedar ttg islam..berubah,..
2nd year.. suka dakwah
3rd year.. jadi sgt thiqah..tutur kata yang bagus2 belaka
or etc, etc.

i know that most people tend to put hope and expectation in the person that they're 'shaping'..
it's like a feeling of a father or a mother towards the daughters and sons..
they hope the best out of what they give..
but it doesnt work like that
u dont get that with a snap of fingers.
u'll get there with patience and du'a
because human are a dynamic form of living things, because they have choices in the hand..
and yes..the choice is theirs but it's Allah that drives them there..
so make du'a..wahai para du'at..and leave your ''impatient-ness'' away..

there's no exact template for people to take..
tarbbiyyah is only a way for us to be better muslims..

sometimes i wonder,
does the phrases "Ustazatul Alam", "membina manusia", "core business is DnT"  and etc,
make the certain of us, too eager to see the product?
let it be whatever phrase that u hold on to..
sometimes we just need to leave it behind..
the brains have been soaked with so many words, ambitious words..
sometimes we also have to ponder on the realistic and the idealistic of it..

and take things as it goes...
and talking about this, i cant agree more with one of my friends post..
cilck here :)
it's true..

and when talking about time..
i do believe in the theory of time relativity,
and i believe that this link, provide a good explaination towards it.

so, though we have the same 24 hours, the same 3or 4 or 5 years programme, 
doesnt mean that the 'template' of time is the same..
and actually tarbiyyah is just the Islamic 'clothing' for you to wear at anytime and anywhere, and still let you act and behave in the same way you were, a better.

kehidupan itu masih lagi sebuah kehidupan..



aku suka..
sports..dulu mungkin suka main, xkisah laki perempuan,
dengan tarbiyyah
aku belajar utk sports seboleh-bolehnya dengan perempuan dn pakaian y menutupi

aku suka..
buat video dan gmbr2..
dengan tarbiyyah,
aku belajar utk buat video spt org lain, tpi dengan actors y brpakaian menutup aurat; (xkisah la nmpk muka pn)

aku suka..
dengan tarbiyyah,
aku belajar untuk tidak lebih2 merapu, dan lihat lebih kepada kebaikan sesorang kawan dari buruknya.

aku suka..
dengan tarbiyyah,
aku belajar untuk berkongsi makanan itu, dan mampu untuk makan dalam talam beramai-ramai..

sesimple-simple perkara y baik itu dan lahir kerana kesedaran Islam dan kehadiran Allah itu... itulah tarbiyyah.

kata Umar Al-Khattab R.A..
"Kbaikan y mudah ialah untuk menunjukkan wajah bseri &mengucapkan kata-kata lemah-lembut."
simple x?

jangan disempitkan kehidupan ini, dan besederhanalah dalam segala urusan :)

dalam quran pn ajar doa utk besederhana ;) 
"Ya Tuhan kami, ampunilah dosa-dosa kami dan tindakan-tindakan kami yang berlebihan dalam urusan kami, dan tetapkanlah pendirian kami, dan tolonglah kami terhadap orang-orang kafir"

masyaAllah. what a beautiful doa it is... isnt it? :)



~HuSnA ZuBiR~ said...

oh ini hanyalah monolog dalaman, dn prigtn utk diri sndiri :)

hb said...

personally hidup ni adalah satu perjalanan/proses dan hakikatnya tiada satu pun outcome semasa didunia. outcome adalah di akhirat kelak. Kejayaan kita, kegagalan kita di dunia, bukan outcome, tapi masih lagi satu timeline /reaction coordination , jadi jangan mudah gugurkan penghakiman pada diri dan orang lain. rection coordination , it will end when u die and you will know is it your experiment do have product? *